Ahhh, Good Ole Comical Stupidity

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER !!!! I was reading American Thinker, and this was a comment in one of the posts.  It positively sang to me.  Go ‘long wit yo bad self!

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Apr 29, 09:20 AM


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Then of course there was that comical, stupidly egotistical sign he put on his podium, “Office of The President Elect”! The arrogance could not be more plain, and his insult to the transfer of power no more flagrant. He exhibited every sign of being immature, ill equipped and woefully unprepared. But, as he told Harry Reid who complimented his BS style, “it’s a gift”, and he used it to lull the the already asleep into deeper sleep. The media was the biggest culprit in foisting this fraud on the public. The media should pay the price via financial implosion!

But, if you had the opportunity to talk to people who escaped the Soviets from Europe, those who got out of Cuba, China etc;, you would have been hearing the same thing from each of them, Obama’s a Marxist, a communist, a socialist and he’s a liar! He at first said he could not deny Rev Wright, then threw him under the bus. He praised his white grandmother then threw her under the bus and called her a typical white woman, a racist and then, somehow she died! Another one of those political coincidences. It took him long enough to “rush” to Hawaii! He was exposed for his affiliations with Marxist radicals and people who were terrorists. But, he played up the 1/2 white scam and bellowed empty verbiage to a fainting throng of dopes! Obama is an alien! Some say illegal alien. All I can say is, this person is not an American because he has no link, mentally, emotionally or physically to this country outside of extended visits here. And when he speaks about America it isn’t from the heart. He is a cold, calculating repeater of what others wrote for him. Get him away form the teleprompter and his Marxist ideology seeps through like a sieve!

And angels did weep.

~ by ladysforest on May 3, 2010.

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