Natural Born and the Negative Propaganda

Leo Donofrio has  a new post up as of yesterday.  It’s a  nice piece with terrific info and references, an excellent read if you are just learning about the Natural Born Citizen requirement for the President of these United States.

One thing I will agree with Leo on is that lately the main stream media and comments on blogs have been viciously attacking any and all mention of this topic, AGAIN.  It stinks of coordination by the current administration.  Why, I was watching a youtube vid of some chippy interviewing JD Hayworth, the Republican running against the Rino John McCain, and she was just a going crazy trying to pin him as a birther.  It almost made me feel sorry for the wench.  He was very gracious, didn’t give an inch while she hopped up and down in her sincerity nearly shouting at him, “but it’s the PRESIDENT“!!!  Like the current resident in the United States White House is above all suspicion simply and only because he got elected.  This is how stupid people are.  This is how gullible they are.  Now, if you want to know how fu**ing dangerous they are, know that MOST of these fools will declare proudly that it really doesn’t matter if it were found that he is not eligible, and never was eligible.  It doesn’t matter-because he’s in there now. That is their take on this.  The law doesn’t matter because nobody stepped up to enforce it at election time, and now  it’s a moot point.  I’ll tell your ass what it is, it is treason.    It will always be TREASON.

Almost a fortnight back I was in DC for the Tea Parties.  A few days later I happened to go to The National Archives just to humor my husband.  I figured that as long as I was there, what the hell, I’d look at the Constitution for the Natural Born Citizen clause.

I will tell you this.  I didn’t expect to be in awe of a paper document.  I can be greatly moved by artfully written words, but typically not so much by a document of this nature.  I’ve seen the words in print so many times, seen reproductions all over the place.

This was different.  This was a thing which captured you and pulled you into it, and made you want to stand and think.  This was the ages whispering to you to remember.  It was unique in that every line you read you felt that it was somehow a little bridge in time, and you felt humbled knowing that the meaning of much of this can be better understood if you just have the chance to stand there and look on the ink words penned on that paper so long ago.

A few excerpts from Leo’s blog, and the link to this post:

“Educating The Really Really Confused About “Nbc-gate”…

It looks like Nbc-Gate is hitting top volume.  I’ve witnessed some very desperate blogging propaganda trying to stop the bleeding as the nation finally wakes up to the fact that President Obama was a British citizen at the time of his birth.   Having been born with dual nationality, he was born with a recognized allegiance to a foreign nation.  I have explained previously in great detail why this disqualifies him from being President.”


“In a previous article, I highlighted the opinion of Alexander Porter Morse, taken from the Albany Law Review article entitled, “NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES: ELIGIBILITY FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT”:

“If it was intended that anybody who was a citizen by birth should be eligible, it would only have been necessary to say, “no person, except a native-born citizen”; but the framers thought it wise, in view of the probable influx of European immigration, to provide that the president should at least be the child of citizens owing allegiance to the United States at the time of his birth. It may be observed in passing that the current phrase “native-born citizen” is well understood; but it is pleonasm and should be discarded; and the correct designation, “native citizen” should be substituted in all constitutional and statutory enactments, in judicial decisions and in legal discussions where accuracy and precise language are  essential  to intelligent discussion.”

It’s a rather clear testimony to the fact that simply being “native born” does not mean that one is “natural born” but “accuracy and intelligent discussion” are not the goals of propaganda.


~ by ladysforest on April 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Natural Born and the Negative Propaganda”

  1. If you want to get to the heart of the intent of the NBC requirement of the US Constitution, ask yourself this question: Was Zachary Taylor a natural born citizen of the Untied States?

    Zachary Taylor was born in the United States but he was exempt from the requirement to be a natural born citizen because he was born before the adoption of the Constitution. Why did the framers of the Constitution extend to him (and to everyone else in his birth cohort) the exemption from the NBC requirement? Because although they may have been born solely in the United States to parents who were not at the time citizens of any other government, they were not born solely under the government established by the US Constitution.

    Further, ask yourself why the oath of office for President of the Untied States requires him to swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Untied States of America, instead of simply to preserve, protect, and defend the United States of America?

    The framers of the Constitution recognized that the United States of America existed before the adoption of the Constitution, but that those born in the USofA before the adoption of the Constitution were born under a different US government – that one established by the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

    So, being a natural born citizen is not simply birth solely in the country known as the United States of America, it is a higher standard, namely birth solely under the government established by the Constitution of the Untied States of America.

    Barack Obama was not born solely under the government established by the United States of America. According to the birth records he has released, when he was born in Honolulu his father was a British subject. As a result, his status at the moment of his birth was governed by the British Nationality Act.

    Yes, Barack Obama was a US citizen from the moment of his birth in the United States, but because he was not born solely under the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States, he cannot be a natural born citizen (just like Zachary Taylor).

    • Well said DCBiker! I believe that most people forget that he swore to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the Constitution. You made an excellent point.

      And as obama had prominently placed a statement on his campaign website stating that he was born a British subject (through his father), I am at a loss how so many people can refuse, just refuse, to believe that which obama himself freely admitted to. British subject at birth clearly disqualifies a person from bring a “natural born citizen” of the United States.

  2. The Zachary Taylor analysis is interesting…

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