Jumping On That Bandwagon!

The grown-ups have woken up late, they were sedated with some ecstasy laced kool-aid perhaps, but some of them are shaking off the hangover and waking up to the morning after regret that perhaps they did imbibe a tad too deeply.  You know, human nature will prevail….people don’t like being told what   not to do, they don’t like being shouldered aside in   they don’t have any power   rudeness.   Grown up men and women are listening to their guts now, and these are now some of the most powerful people in the world at this point in US history.
More in a few …  lets begin with this:
Posted on April 24th, 2010 by David-Crockett

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Georgia lawmaker says when Congress won’t act, ’states have a duty to step up’
By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Georgia state Rep. Mark HatfieldAnother state has begun considering a law like an Arizona plan approved by the state House there that would require presidential candidates to document their eligibility before being allowed on the election ballot.

Georgia Rep. Mark Hatfield, part of a coalition in his state supporting new election requirements, says it’s really the responsibility of members of Congress to make sure a foreign-born individual or dual citizen isn’t installed in the White House.

But he said without the leadership in Washington necessary to do that, it is up to states to tackle the issue. Arizona’s plan is closest to adoption, awaiting only approval from the state Senate.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Oklahoma also has pending in a legislative committee a referendum that could be put before voters.

The organization says during 2009, various plans to require documentation from presidential candidates were considered in Maine, Oklahoma, Missouri and Montana but were not adopted.


Hatfield has introduced into his legislature House Bill 1516, which, he said, recognizes the need “for some sort of enforcement mechanism with regard to Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.”

The Constitution states: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

“The bill is basically a bill that would provide some teeth to the Article 2, Section 1 by requiring presidential candidates in the future to submit an affidavit showing their citizenship and age, and their residency, and appending to that documents that would prove citizenship, age and residency,” Hatfield said.

He said he used as a model the legislation that now is nearing approval in Arizona.

Members of the Arizona House of Representatives have approved 31-29 a requirement for presidential candidates to produce their documentation if they want their name of the Arizona ballot in 2012.

A nice snip from a recent Lame Cherry post, balance of post at this link:


“See it is all about covenant which is the ancient rights. Look on any law books to this day and if you simply start mowing your neighbor’s lawn, or gardening on parts of their property, or farming, grazing or planting a hedge which you maintain on an adjacent property, that the law states in 7 years that land is your land.

It is called precedent.

Understand my children, that once Barack Hussein Obama completes one legal term in office, there is legal standing for any crime which he has completed. Illegal then becomes legal in the eyes of Obama lawyers who will make the courts enforce a new mandate which supersedes the Constitution in a foreign born British subject, allied to Europe, placing covenant moneys in the trillions of dollars into central European banks, making wars with full consent of Congress and making vassal treaties with Russia, that that usurper is no longer bound by the Constitution and Barack Hussein Obama will, as much as Vladamir Putin, be a legal President of these United States.
That is what is about Bush patricians like Dana Perino, Ann Coulter and Noel Sheppard mocking of the Birthers and those who stand against Obama. Most of these folks are not that intelligent to know the real reason they are being sent out by the Obama benefactors who pay all of their salaries, but the benefactors know completely the reason has to do with precedent.
This group holds off Americans for one term, and Barack Obama can produce his Kenyan birth certificate, kiss the European Union flag, fly the Rothschild banner over the White House, and there is nothing in the courts which can legally remove him, including Congress as the precedent has been set for an undocumented illegitimate despot to rule from the White House.

There is though in the quite living Constitution a hidden check and balance to all of this as I have hinted at previously that the experts have no idea the Founders put in there. For fitting terms, let us call it the Arizona Filibuster.

See, the Constitution states in the Articles that the President must be elected by the States. This means all 50 states now, and not just a majority. A President can not be kept off the ballot for bias reasons, but a State can without documentation proving a candidate is a native, can refuse to run someone who is in violation of the Constitution.”

I’ll scoot about and find more to add a bit later.


I was reading some of the latest “Constitutionalists ” articles and, brother!  Let me tell you my friends. Those obama freak-a deaks are out like the proverbial cockroaches just a bashin at the “Birthers”.  I haven’t seen this focused an effort by the Brownshirts in many months!  Yip-mofo-in-ee baby!  Ya’ll know what all this bluster and bullsh*t means of course?  Somebody has his little ruffled panties in an ugly clumpy bunch.  Good, the fuc**n BASTARD.  The Americans are coming for answers you “native born British subject” American usurper BASTARD.

And hey, Ariziona…THE WORLD OWES YOU GREAT GRATITUDE.  Your strength and honor shines, you are the beacon we so needed just now!  God Bless.


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