Something Kenyan This Way Comes


I am “relaxing” right now, had a vigorous vacation and am tired.  But scooting round the blogs, ect., I am finding curious stuff.  Here is ANOTHER Kenyan official stating Hussein obama was born in Kenya.  All of our fancy American politicians and news-persons run around bashing “birthers” with everything they have at their disposal, but Michelle obama herself, in concert with the Kenya dudes in-the-know, are rattin’ out Hussein obama all over the fricken place!

Before I post those links, I MUST post this You Tube vid here, Hehehehehe.

So, most of you know about the you tube vids of Michelle obama stating that she and her husband visited Kenya, and she, reading from a scrip, called it her husbands “home country”.  So it was no screw-up, she read it from a damn script.  There are two different views of this speech over in the right hand column in the page titled, From the Horses Mouth.

A few posts ago I linked to a post up on Oil for Immigration that had the “hansard”, the KENYAN official record in the March 25th 2010 National Assembly Report.  In that report the Minister of Lands, Mr. Orengo stated that obama WAS born in Kenya, and was not contradicted. WAS. BORN. IN. KENYA. Lame Cherry did an excellent post on it which I also linked to.

THIS GUY PICTURED ABOVE said the following:

“If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion. What has killed us here is exclusion; that once Mr. Orengo is President, I know of no other place than Ugenya. That is why we were fighting against these many Presidencies in the past. I hope that Kenya will come of age. This country must come of age. People want freedom and nations want liberation, but countries want independence.”

On page 31 of the document- this is in the first full paragraph on that page.

Now something else our way comes.

Mr. ole Ntimama: Mr. Speaker, Sir, as I have said in my answer, we are trying our best and the good team from my Ministry has been visiting some of these countries to try and identify all the artefacts that are there and negotiate their return. So, we are not asleep but doing our best. Dr. Khalwale: Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Minister has told us that the office of the then Senator Obama gave him a lot of assistance. That is very good to hear. Could he tell us what commitment the same office made by way of compensation to this country because those artefacts in those museums have been attracting visitors who were paying to view them? What commitment did they make about compensation and more importantly, the biggest artefact in the USA today that belongs to this country is one Barrack Obama. How does he intend to repatriate himself or part of the money that is realized from all the royalties that he is attracting across the whole world?

The Assistant Minister for Roads (Dr. Machage): On a point of order, Mr. Speaker, Sir. Is the hon. Member right to refer to the President of the USA as an artefact? Mr. Speaker: Dr. Khalwale, you are out of order! The President of the USA cannot be classified as an artefact. You should withdraw and apologize. Dr. Khalwale: Mr. Speaker, Sir, as I withdraw and apologize, may I clarify that this was not mischief. In one of the museums in USA—

Mr. Speaker: Order, Dr. Khalwale! I have given directions. If you wish, you can quote to the House, perhaps a medical dictionary, but I am certain that the English dictionary will not define the word “artifact” as including any human being, let alone President Obama. Dr. Khalwale: Mr. Speaker, Sir, most obliged. My withdrawal and apology still stands but I just wanted to clarify that the artefacts that I am referring to indeed exist. It was not the hon. Obama. If you go to the museum in Washington, there is a huge statue not just of Obama alone but also his wife and all the previous presidents of the USA.

Here is the link my little kittens,

Wednesday, 14th April, 2010

Excerpt below came from this pdf:


More Tomorrow-I’m bushed!

Oct. 9, 2008 Trial and Triumph: Stories Out Of Africa: NPR

By Ofeibea Quist-Arcton:  EXCERPT:

“She also describes the stories that have been exciting, including the U.S. presidential race of Kenyan-born Sen. Barack Obama.”

Taking a little turn in a different but related direction, this is a vid of Justice Thomas joking about how they “are avoiding” the eligibilty issue.  Yeah, that’s what I said:


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