Capitol Hill “Thieves”-I mean “Suites”

Hey …..

I have returned from DC.  I had a very good trip, went to both Washington DC Tea Parties  – faced off ON a CNN video guy, took pics, wandered about, then saw some seriously awesome historical stuff.  Then got home only to find that the hotel we stayed in has overcharged us by some $300.00-BEFORE we even checked out….and get this, we PRE-PAID for our room.  This is the second time this hotel has done this to us, so I’m guessing they have a book-cooking problem going on.  What do you want to bet this “accounting error” takes nearly two weeks to correct just like the last one-where we were charged THREE TIMES for just one night.

The name of the hotel is The Capitol Hill Suites.  Good location-if you want to pay for the rate in triplicate.  I’m contacting the BBB tomorrow, and the parent management company…then I will call Capitol Hill Suites and chit-chat with those idiots.  The last time this happened, the “accountant manager” actually blamed the desk clerk for charging our card incorrectly, then gave me a line that it was the fault of our bank, ect.  I didn’t raise too much dust-figured I’d be easy on them and give them the benefit of the doubt.  I knew they were full of poo, but you gotta give them the rope.  Round two-I go berserk.  You don’t fu*k with people or their money like they just have no clue what you are doing.


~ by ladysforest on April 19, 2010.

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