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The following is a cross-post from Lame Cherry.  I find that Lame Cherry is one of the most astute and hands down the most entertaining writer I have come across in the world of the Bloggers.

One thing of note that I noted in this post I will not comment on.  But I have a piece of information which backs a statement made by Lame Cherry.  What it is must remain a mystery to you all my kittens.  For now.

I have included the link to this post at the bottom of the page-click and scroll to find the letter written by a Hero,

Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin


The Birthers

*Cherry note: Thee above is a real birth certificate of Denison Baker Hansen, a son born to SP-4 John Hansen in 1961 while serving in Japan
These are the legal records the US military required in a hospital birth certificate WITH A DEPARTMENT OF STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE for military personnel.
Two affirmations of US birth for Soldier’s children born outside America. In addition, there were cholera vaccination forms.
This is reproduced by example of what a real birth certificate is and the associated vaccination documentation. None of which is available with fingerprints and footprints, but is hidden by Barack Hussein Obama.

US Soldiers are REQUIRED to have this documentation, and yet Mr. Obama who commands these Soldiers has thwarted the law in presenting his with assistance of the Congress, Courts and Media.


With the Hero Terry Lakin, standing alone in his Alamo, against the Obama forces of tyranny, this blog reproduces Lt. Col. Lakin’s letter to Mr. Obama in full, and once again addresses for the uninformed like “historian” Jon Meachem, who was smearing American on the Charlie Rose program in the Birther issue in stating “some do not believe Obama was born in America” as the complete Birther issue.

Jon Meachem stating what he did proves he and Mr. Rose are either incompetent ignorants or deliberate liars spreading falsehoods, because there are many Americans who believe Mr. Obama was born in the United States, but still note he is not qualified to be President, because by British and American law, he is British as his father was British and his underage 17 year old mother upon marriage to a British subject reverted to British status as did her Barack Obama jr. in being British with full British rights under British Mandate as this blog exclusively covered.

The facts are as the Lt. Col. stated, in Mr. Obama has deliberately hidden all of his personal information. What has surfaced are electronic forgeries.

Mr. Obama was a late register in Hawaii in the birth certificate. As he was in a large city, and hospitals available, there is no reason a 17 year old girl would have that child in a home.

For those who do not comprehend birth, first time mothers whether they are cattle or women take a very long to time to birth. Stanley Ann didn’t sneeze and have Barry. She spent at least a dozen hours having that child. So there was no surprise and the neighbors would have know in Hawaii she was having this child.

Therefore logic points to Obama was not born in Hawaii, but as was noted Mrs. Madelyn Dunham who did not like Barack Sr. probably sent the pregnant daughter to Washington state, where there is no record of birth, so this points to either a Canadian or Kenyan birth as has been rumored.

The point is no one knows what is the situation, except Mr. Obama is hiding numerous records which every American must produce to live in America and be licensed to vote and drive.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is British. He stated so on his website, but added that it expired, which is an impossibilty.

These are the issues which Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is demanding information on, as Mr. Obama ordering Soldiers to go and kill Muslims as President, all of a legal matter becomes criminal murder when Mr. Obama only qualified to be President of Kenya or Prime Minister of England.

There is deliberate skewing of this defined issue by the Obama voters in Ann Coulter and Jon Meachem to buy time so Mr. Obama’s regime will continue. The facts are though exactly as the Lt. Col. and others have explored in Mr. Obama, the Congress, the Courts and States have not fulfilled their Constituational duties for showing Mr. Obama qualified to be President.
Surely Jon Meachem and Ann Coulter can agree with an American Hero like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin that Mr. Obama must produce his passport, legal papers for college tuition and birth certificate, with demanding a panel of trusted British and American legal experts to ascertain Mr. Obama’s birth rights as a British subject.

Ms. Coulter had to produce a birth certificate to gain a passport to enter Canada. Certainly Mr. Obama can be made to do the same in a situation where US Soldiers lives are on the line.




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