OMG Rush! Better Duck And Cover Dude

I nearly keeled over when -today- I heard Rush Limbaugh play the audio of Michelle HUSSEIN obama, in 2008 during a speech to the LGBT, speaking about a trip she and HUSSEIN obama had taken together, SAYING :“When we  took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, “!   !!! The “his” referred to the male obama – just so’s we’re clear.

He really didn’t comment, but that’s OK.  Lots of  people were tuned in, and they caught Mrs. HUSSEIN obama’s comment, presumably from a script, and in her own voice. Hehehehe.

Here it is, and on the column to the right is a page titled “From The Horse’s Mouth” that also has this vid, but another from a different angle during the same speech.  And SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY reading from a script!!

The d*uche-bag blog “barackrphal” hasn’t noticed or perhaps is in complete denial of, michelle HUSSEIN obama’s declaration that her husband’s homeland is in fact KENYA!  Here ya go kittens:
“We’ve seen his birth certificate. We’ve seen his newspaper birth announcements. We’ve seen the director of Hawaii’s vital records department formally declare that he was born in Hawaii.”

According to the good blog owner at “barackryphal” this is the sum total of the “PROOF” necessary to become president of the single most powerful country in this world.


~ by ladysforest on April 5, 2010.

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