Mommy, what’s a “Free Market”?

I’m a person that has great difficulty remembering things that I have no immediate personal stake in.  My attention wanders.  Not like ADD for adults, but like, “oh! I forgot to pick up the damn laundry soap”.  And, “did I feed the dogs yet”?  So, with my mind busy doing household chores, and remembering everyone else’s business, and thinking up things that would be fun to do if I only had the cash, I found myself with little focus left for the things that I consider tortuously boring and of course, utterly boring. Wait, I said boring twice there…it works though.  Totally stupid and mind numbing stuff like politics.

That’s why I LOVED those “education rocks” commercials when I was a kid.  I learned in a red hot minute what the hell a bill was and how it got through the steps to become a law.  I confess to have forgotten a bit of it all since, but I could sing my way through it back when.

I’ve been trying the hard way to learn all about politics since summer.  Fu*kin drag, baby.  Do you know how hard it is to force yourself  to learn junk when you are dyslexic and not at all interested in the stuff you are trying to remember.  I mean, I want to understand these things, I am educating myself, but connecting these dots is the least fascinating thing in the world.

I found some help today, I’m ordering this book.  Seriously.  Cause I’ve been kind of thinking about what will happen when we have no more money to give to this government, when we have lost so many businesses and there are not enough people contributing to the tax rolls anymore.  I know how things went in communist Hungary when my Pop was there.  You got assigned an occupation that contributed to the common good.  They had a lot of the young strong men working in the coal mines.  Pop was one.  He had no choice as the Party told the serfs what they would HAVE to do.

Back to the book.  Here it is, a few excerpts:


Here’s what the book is about:

Hardcover, 27 beautifully illustrated pages! Follow the trials of bright Bridget Blodgett as she struggles to produce her widgets and wodgets in the face of increasing taxation! Find out what happens when the islanders and their businesses can no longer support the bureaucracy that has somehow grown from the best of intentions!  This beautifully illustrated hard-bound book extols the virtues of free markets, and shows what can go wrong when government bureaucracy gets out of control! For free market advocates of all ages!

My kind of learnin’.

I wonder if they can do a similar version to cover the health care nightmare that is set to strangle our once grand America?  How about Cap & Trade?  How about instant amnesty for law breaking ILLEGAL aliens?  How about taking over the auto industry?  How about taking over the banking industry?   How about taking over the waterways and the fishing/boating industries?  How about the delta smelts and the harvest mouses?  How about ignoring muslim terrorists?

Whoa.  It’s Saturday, I need to relax a bit.

I’m ordering that book now.


~ by ladysforest on March 20, 2010.

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