Get Your Free Death Certificate…I Mean Health Care!!

You’re kidding me, right?  This photo….what can anyone say about this photo except that I’m expecting God is gonna up and strike someone dead for this thing.

Here is what I have personally experienced about Government run healthcare.

I have lost three family members in the past two years, all three were on medicare.

The first was my brother.  He had lung cancer.  He had “healthcare” in that he had a certain limited number of times he could visit his regular Dr..   And a certain,limited number if times that he could see his oncologist. If anything came up and he wasn’t due for a Dr. visit, he was instructed to go to the emergency room.

I remember after he was first diagnosed he tried to call the American Lung Cancer Society for information, and was told that because he was without private insurance they could not talk to him.  They literally wouldn’t give him the time of day.

He had no idea he would be treated differently because he was a medicare recipient.

He died two years and two weeks ago today.

It was so hard for him to understand “how they could treat people that way just because they are a recipient”.

Next was my grandmother-in-law.  She was a darling woman who worshiped my husband.

She went into a nursing home about five years back, having a large savings account and private medical insurance to pay her own way.  When her private account was about 50% depleted by nursing home “rent”, they suddenly decided that she needed to go into the section of the home where residents receive closer attention ( at about TWICE the “rent”).  She got shuffled over there, even though her overall health was largely unchanged from when she had entered the place, and placed in a room with another resident (she had been in a single room).  This was a woman who was in good overall health, but had balance problems.  Other than the balance problem, she was in pretty damn good shape.

Well, after being put in the more expensive part of the home, her account shriveled up like a raisin in the sun, but she still had private health insurance.  The home insisted on us using enough of her social security payment to keep that in place-better for them.  Once her account was emptied, she began to loose weight, literally.

She died less than a year (just about 8 months) after her own wealth was depleted and she had had to become a recipient to cover part of the cost of the home.

She died of dehydration.  Says so right on her death certificate.  Guess the recipients must be on strict water rations in that home.

Next was my own Grandmother, who died a week before this Thanksgiving.

She was a recipient, she was also in a nursing home.  She was from the last generation of physically tough people, having grown up on a farm and worked hard her whole life.

She was basically in a nursing home because she could not care for herself any longer – she had decided that she needed to be in a wheelchair…..long story, but the short version is that she had to go into a nursing home.  She was a very tolerant person in that home, she would treat those aides nice as pie even though she often sat for hours waiting for one to come “clean” her up…if you know what I mean.  The aides there loved her.

Two of those aides came to her bedside at the hospital hours before she died.  Their sadness was unfeigned, and it did my heart good to see how fond they were of her.

She had gotten sick about two weeks earlier, had been sent to the hospital, sent back to the home before she was well enough (because she had used up her “approved” time) and within two or three days was very ill.  Another day or so went by and she was sent back to the hospital, where she died two days later holding my hand.

She died from a urinary tract infection.


A sad update, it concernes the littlest member of my family.  She is just three years old.  She was just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and today her parents heard hard, terrible news.  My brother in law and his lady were told that their little girl needed treatment every four hours.   This is not a gradual slide into the disease, it is jumping into fear and uncertainty with all of your feet all at once.  My heart goes out to them.  I don’t know what words or actions would help them to feel comfort.  I suspect those words just aren’t in anyone’s vocabulary.

Thank the lord that her parents have good private insurance.  Until obamacare kicks in they will have access to the necessary treatment, once we go to rationed care I fear what will happen to those with conditions  which are terminal.  God it sucks to write that word about a little bitty child.

God help her.  God help everyone visited with similar sadness now as we all descend into rationed health care.

Hold onto your mind when you watch this….

A comment on Michelle Malkins blog about this little video, which I feel sums up what so many people feel in their hearts:

On March 18th, 2010 at 4:22 pm, emjem24 said:

Hearing this, seeing what’s happening, makes my heart ache. While I can be a temperamental person, these days stuff like this puts me on the edge of tears. I’m in handwringing mode.

I mean, MM, everybody, what are we gonna do? What can we do? What’s in it for those of us with consciences who hate this crap on both sides? I definitely know I’ll never hold myself a hostage to the Republican party because they’re just as bad as Dems.

I know I mentioned this on the other thread but, what are those like my husband (who’s in the military) and I to do who planned to buy a house one day and have a baby? We were just talking about getting ready to start trying for a baby the other day. These repugnant people are just ruining whatever’s left of the American Dream. Why invest in something that’s become a blighted nightmare?

These people (Repubs and Dems) only care about their fave donors and the constituents who buy their BS. What about the rest of us? Where’s our representation? Who’s our representation? Who’s our voice?

I feel so betrayed on so many levels, economically, socially, and politically. All levels of American society are corrupt, self-indulgent pin-heads who wouldn’t know their conscience from a hole in the ground. It just seems so overwhelmingly hopeless right now, whether we reverse such perversion of our Constitution and founding principles or not.


Indeed, who is our voice?


~ by ladysforest on March 15, 2010.

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