Go West Young Man!

Lately I notice a growing trend from the radio personalities.  It’s “Have you thought about moving to a differt area/state to look for work?”  This is their answer to the whole thing where our politicians are perpetually extending the unemployment benefits.

Basically, if it ain’t working where you are…..move somewhere else.  I think this has been tried by thinking individuals every-time there has been a job crisis in this country.  Not that it isn’t good advice, as far as it goes, but the actual reason most people don’t do it is because it simply is not practical.

Home, family, friends, connections, banking, ect. are all ready in place.  To move, hunt for a new job in a new town, not having something locked when there are already so many fellow job seekers hunting in every corner….not so practical.  That works for certain skill sets, but that leaves out the average Joe every time.

Come on “advocates for the people”, are you for real?  Do you think that there is some town or city stashed away somewhere just a-hankering after a few million unemployed average Joes and super Moms to show up and fill out an application?  This is everywhere.  I know that my “job skills” are identical to the other ONE HUNDRED people applying for the same job (in a single day) making an average of $5.00 less per hour than they made at their last job.  On top of the lower pay, they have to contend with the insulting and degrading daily “reminder” that “a lot of people would do anything to have your job”.  Only in these times can we tolerate this belittling treatment in exchange for our honest hard work.

Are these guys for Fing real?


~ by ladysforest on March 5, 2010.

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