Eewwww! You’re … A TEA PARTIER?

Yes peoples, an ignoramus had this reaction to me today when I mentioned that I had attended the September 12 Tea Party In Washington DC.

I asked why she had that opinion of the people in the movement.  She replied, “Well, I mean, aren’t they mostly the crazies and malcontents?”  I said’ “Hey, you’ve known me for my entire life, do you think I’m “one of those people?”  She’s like’ “Well no, that’s why I was surprised that you went.”

I asked her where she had learned about the Tea Partiers, why she had like vague, but unpleasant idea of what they are.  She had mostly read about them in the newspapers.  So, in other words she never questions what she reads in the newspapers, but places full trust in them.

She didn’t know her own daughter was a Tea Partier.

Oops!  Shouldn’t call my parent an ignoramus?  Don’t sweat it guys.   She’s of the generation that just missed out on the whole “hippy” movement, but grabbed some of  the groovy for themselves anyway.  She suffers for it today in her addictions and squalid living conditions.  Understand this next statement – she has a genius level IQ.  Yet she has always made terrible choices as she was always running towards “expressing” herself in her “personal choices” and away from responsibility.  Her children have paid the price.  One dead in his mid forties from living the lifestyle she taught him, two are criminals of the career variety, (I disowned them years ago), also encouraged in their choices by her,  and little ole me.  I am the dread Tea Partier.  She would like me much better if I were the type of partier that partied with drugs, so I have turned out to be a huge disappointment to her.

Then she began to opine on why socialist health care is necessary because we should think of all those people that need their medicine.  They need it.  I said, yes some people need daily medicines, but not everyone does.  She disagreed with me, “oh yes they do!”, was the cry.  I said, “no, many people live their whole lives without daily medications”.  People need shelter, food, but most do not need daily medicine.   “But they can’t afford it!!”, she insisted.  “None of them?,” I asked.  “Well, the ones that need it most-the poor ones can’t”, she says.  Here we go – the “POOR ONES NEED IT THE MOST“.

Um, hello-the need of two people who are suffering from the same malady-are identical.  Poor people don’t need the medicine more than the person that can afford to purchase it.  They need the funds to pay for it.  That is a different thing all together.  It is a humanitarian issue.  It is not the same as a need, as must haves are the exact same for everyone, for reference again – that a basic human need,being something we all share is shelter, then food and water, and if everyone does not need to be on daily medication, everyone should not be compelled to pay for daily medication.

Understanding that most of the people living with socialized medicine have known nothing else, so when you ask them if they like it, know they have nothing to compare to.  It’s a con when our lawmakers use this tacit.  They just hit at your emotional side, the humanitarian side.

Meanwhile my mother sits in a filthy house, refuses to bathe, smokes cigarillos while on an oxygen tank (NO exaggeration), smokes drugs whenever she has a spare buck.  She laments about the cost of health care, she can’t afford the co-pays!  She takes her doggies to the vet every time they upchuck, spending thousands of dollars a year at the vet, per animal, but wants someone to pay for her medical care because it’s expensive.

‘Scuse me Mista, Can ya spare a dime?  Oh, and have ya got a light?

So I, as a Tea Partier lunatic, am denying her her rights to health care.  I don’t care about the poor.  I don’t see the need.

I didn’t make her poor, she is still brilliant of mind and should be productive.  The “man” kept her down, but she trusts that same “man” to provide for her basic needs and poor person head of the line type medical needs.  Being on the dole is a merry-go-round of contradictions.

I remember from my childhood the respectable poor class.  They worked, were clean and well spoken.  Had two parents to the household, attended church.  Most had very little other than just barely what they needed, but most had close families and communities and seemed very happy.  They were decent good people.  They would never have taken handouts as that would have meant that they were shamed as failures.  I know that help and handouts are widely different.  They knew that too.  We helped the ones in our community who were destitute.  There were only a few, as the family structure was still strong back then, and people took care of their own.  The place I spent my childhood was about equal parts blacks and whites.  Rural Virginia.  I remember those good people and long for the days when community wasn’t organized, but was spontaneous and genuine.   That wasn’t so long ago.  But it is as though it never was.  I was one of those poor kids, we had much less than most in our county, so to many my fond memories of those times would seem to not make sense.  But you see, the people were good as gold, most of them, kind in ways you don’t see much now.

Those times have been stealthily stolen from the American people.  The confidence men in charge don’t necessarily want happy, strong community oriented people.  Those are kind of like mobs if you think about it in today’s terms of what a “homeland security risk” is.

The Tea Party movement is basically a big giant block party of meet your neighbor proportions that has never been seen before.  A mob of sorts.

I wonder what she would have said if I told her I’m a BIRTHER also?  She would have likely rushed off to find her stash t o help her cope.  Actually, I’m not technically a birther, but rather a constitutionalist, however I suspect she wouldn’t have appreciated the difference.  Nuances, eh?


~ by ladysforest on February 21, 2010.

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