The Fox and The King

A snip from the Post & Email today:

According to Discover The Networks, Khalid Al-Mansour, a wealthy Muslim businessman, is the one who reportedly helped Barack Hussein Obama II transfer from Columbia University to Harvard in the 80’s, remaining an important supporter of the mulatto candidate who openly claims as his own Arab/Muslim roots in Kenya.

Al-Mansour is an Afro-American from San Francisco who converted to Islam, made friends with Prince Alwaleed and was eventually hired by the latter to promote fundamentalist Islam in America.

Thus, it can be rightly said that a foreign power is the power behind the policy decisions both at FOX News and in the Obama campaign.

American patriots need to start asking themselves if other so-called “conservative” sources of information have been bought out by the same forces which want to keep Obama in power for the sake of Islam.

ED: Who is Prince Alwaleed?  He is the nephew of the Saudi king.  Seems they gots sumptin that Fox wants.  But Fox needs to play their game, and that means all of the announcers/personalities and so forth better tow the line kittens.


Tarek El-tablawy, AP Business Writer, in a report published by Yahoo News, on Sunday, Jan 17, 2010, wrote:

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king and who was listed last year by Forbes as the world’s 22nd richest person, met with News Corp.’s chief executive Rupert Murdoch on Jan. 14 in a meeting that “touched upon future potential alliances with News Corp.,” according to a statement released by his Kingdom Holding Co. late Saturday.

Media reports have indicated that News Corp, parent to Fox News and Dow Jones & Co., among others, may be thinking of buying a stake in Alwaleed’s Rotana Media Group, which includes a number of satellite channels that air in the Middle East.

Neither company has commented publicly on the possible deal, but the talks offer an indication yet that such an agreement may yet be in the offing.

ED:  I’ve been wondering why the changes over at Fox.  I noticed Glenn “Keebler Tree” Beck just pulling the “birther” issue out of thin air and bitch-slapping his viewers with insults.  I’ve noticed O’Riley, the puss, was doing the same.  These guys who had been steering clear or brushing it aside without a lot of comment, now just bringing it up out of nowhere and making their Rules for Radicals comments.  That they are supporting that fricken RINO Newt is disgusting enough, and should make clear that something is rotten in Denmark, but to target

Gubernatorial candidates who question Obama’s Eligibility

is a clear sign that Fox is on the “Lame Stream Media” bus.  This is really getting dangerous Patriots.


In an unsigned report published at their website, on Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, Fox News takes aim at Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina.

In its title, “Gubernatorial Candidates Echo Theories of Birthers, 9/11 Truthers” the report echoes the terminology and strategy adopted by Eric Erickson of; lump a legitimate constitutional, pro-American issue with an illegitimate anti-American issue so as to confuse viewers and suborn their loyalty to the nation.

Medina does not support the notion that the U.S. Government plotted 9-11, but she is open to consideration of the possibility.  Nathan Deal simply wrote a letter to Obama asking for reliable information about his birth story.

It is naive to presume that an ardent Saudi nationalist like Prince Alwaleed bin Talal would not use his fortune to promote the interests of Saudi Arabia and Islam throughout the world.

ED: I think that “naive” is too soft a word.  But too many people here in America have no idea about the history of that culture, and may not be able to process how very different it is from our own.


~ by ladysforest on February 15, 2010.

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