Government Run Drug Addicts

Sometimes while I try to decide what to write about I am overcome with the realization that I don’t have enough of an understanding of, or information about, whatever it is that I am concerned about.  This is a reflection of how we are being “led” through these present times.  We get so much, but not enough.  We get different shit from both sides, both sides behaving badly while delivering their misleading “message” of the actual state of things.

I am appalled at the monumental disdain shown to the American citizen, the insulting elite brushing off the dirty hands of the undereducated, unwashed rednecks that dare to question their actions and the intention behind their actions.  I will say though, that I have seen more inexcusable, reprehensible supremest attitude radiating off of the Democrats than off of the Rinos/Republicans.  Hey, where are our Conservatives anyway?  Why can’t you belong to either party and be at least fiscally conservative?  Is that out of vogue?
These are the weirdest of times kittens, for as soon as I begin to learn about one thing, like cap and tax, another scheme comes whizzing past my head and I get distracted in trying to bone up on that deal.  I end up learning very little about either and then in the middle of my frustrated studies, ANOTHER scheme sashays down the Avenue.  We are falling apart internally, we are falling from grace on the world stage, we are pathetically diminished.  The grand rush to change America has been successful so far.  We are no longer the go-to guys.  The Banks are under the government more than can possibly be healthy, the auto industry is largely owned by the government, which is now in manipulation over Toyota’s recall to use this issue to push them over a cliff.
The cap and trade is a grand scheme in that it will literally have Americans yanking down wooden fences to burn for warmth-because they cannot spend thousands more a year per household to keep from freezing.

Now Government run healthcare.  Yes, they changed the title of the thing after they realized that there was a huge up-rise against it, they were advised that what you call a thing can make an enormous difference in how it is perceived.  This is largely true, but this is not a product on a shelf, it is about freedom and industry.   You see,the issue of access and rising cost is not solved by changing who pays the bill (as much as I wish it would). One of our biggest problems has been treating healthcare as if it is a commodity when it is anything but.

Here’s a snip from back in May, ’09, By Phil Gingrey, M.D.:
“As Vermont’s governor, Dean aggressively pursued expansions of government-run health insurance—and bragged that doing so “was very cheap to do.” Unfortunately for beneficiaries on state-run Medicaid and children’s health insurance, that “cheap” coverage often came at a very steep price. Low reimbursement rates mean that few doctors actually participate in the government-run plan, so patients can’t see their personal physician—and may not be able to see any physician when they need one.

In Vermont, one of those physicians whom Medicaid beneficiaries couldn’t visit was Judith Steinberg—Howard Dean’s wife. In 1998, low reimbursement rates—coupled with the impact of additional regulations her husband signed into law—prompted Dr. Steinberg to end participation in the state’s largest Medicaid-managed care program. As a result, the residents of Shelburne in Vermont’s largest Medicaid plan lost access to the only primary care provider in town who would accept their insurance.”

Now this is “Health-Care Reform”.  Sounds nicer, doesn’t it?  Sounds warm and cuddly and like Poppa is gonna look out for you.  He’s gonna “reform” all of the big bad health insurance companies, and cause a great fairness to spread across this land and we will all be covered and no one will have to DIE !!! from being denied coverage anymore.  Utopia at last. AHHHH.

Let me tell you about that little picture at the top of this post. I was looking for a whole different thing and saw this and thought, wow, that cat shaking obamas paw looks a lot like my brother.  Well, if my brother has gotten himself scrubbed up and dressed up and laid off the drugs for a few hours prior to shaking the paw of mighty obama.

My brother died 02/29/08.

He, well, he started out life as a really good kid, very bright, artistic, caring.  He got the heart beaten out of him early on by a cruel monster that my “hippy-esk” mother had married.  She made it up to him though, she gave him pot to smoke, I presume in hippy mind-set that what the parents partook of, the little children should be allowed.  She also gave him Valium from the positively enormous sized prescription that her Dr. gave her.  She knew he was being cruelized and this was her way to comfort him.  I’m guessing.  I remember the day my brother became a drug addict.  He was 12 years old.  I had been knocking on his door to see if he wanted to go out to play, he didn’t answer so I went in.  He was apparently asleep, I shook him and shook him and he finally opened his eyes.  All glazed over they were, then he mumbled at me to leave him alone, that he was “high”.

Somehow with a clarity maybe only children have, I knew I had lost him.  I knew he had gone away.

The reason I bring this up and put that picture up is because when I think of Government run healthcare, I think of my brother.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable lung cancer a bit over three years ago.  He was one of those that gamed the system in that he only worked a few years out of his adult life, preferring to be on welfare while perusing his drug dealing and partaking of lifestyle.  He was the quintessential, “gimme it for free” guy.  And it never mattered how much people gave him, he felt they should have given him more.

He was on Government healthcare.  He was on medicaid as most of his ilk are.  He was furious that some options were not open to him because he was a recipient.  But he did get care.  He got chemo by the gallon, even some new emerging stuff that only rich people and government recipients were able to get, because it is horribly expensive.  I’m guessing the recipients were allowed to have it because it still needed testing.  If ya know what I mean.

So, he couldn’t go to his Dr. whenever he wanted, there was an allowance.  He couldn’t choose any cancer Doc. that he wanted, but was assigned one.  I think he was allowed a second opinion, but it was in the same “group” of Oncologists.  I went with him on a number of Dr. visits, I wanted to be sure he was asking questions and getting answers.  We were BOTH treated as recipients kittens.  The answers brusque and uninformative, the appointment usually ran less than fifteen minutes with the Dr.  Sometimes a Nurse would take pity on my frustration and give us more information after the Dr had left the room.  And get this, some of the heavy duty pain med patches prescribed for him suppressed his breathing, so he sold them to drug addicts.  They were paid for with medicaid.  Of course.

I wonder why liberals want to enable this stuff.  This culture that my brother lived and died in.  He was not some poor overlooked misunderstood great unwashed.  He marched proudly in that crowd of recipients, drug dealers, con men, ect.  He “figured the man owed him”, but never could say precisely why.

The reason was simple, no one owed him a damn thing.

I asked him if he was afraid to die, and he said, “No, I just want to be high as a kite when I go”.  Die as you lived.  Huh.

So, there you have government intervention to help the everyman.  No incentive to do for themselves, stay stoned to forget how unfulfilled you are, snatch at handouts because some vague whispers tell you that some one owes that to you.  End your life early, having accomplished nothing at all, while being the recipient of a trial drug, never having once felt the power of self-reliance.  Maybe that’s what we are expected to pay to the government in exchange for all of this “free” stuff.  Our power.

RIP big brother.


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