Breaker 1-9, Breaker 1-9 !!

Say, is that old “CB” radio still out in the garage? Betterrrr go get it outttt! Better brush off your Smokey and the Bandit era communication skills 10-4, cause you’re a gonna need ’em.

Stuff To Ponder:
“Following the Halloweenesque scare fest on Capitol Hill earlier this week — where National Intelligence director Dennis Blair and CIA director Leon Panetta warned of impending terrorist doom — the House has The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act (H.R. 4061).

On February 3, Rep. James Langevin of Rhode Island explained how the government will take over private sector cyber security.

“The House today overwhelmingly passed a bill aimed at building up the United States’ cybersecurity army and expertise, amid growing alarm over the country’s vulnerability online,” reports the New York Times. “The bill, which passed 422-5, requires the Obama administration to conduct an agency-by-agency assessment of cybersecurity workforce skills and establishes a scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students who agree to work as cybersecurity specialists for the government after graduation.”

Guess What Else?

“obama, who in the past has criticized the media, and specifically “cable chatter,” took a moment during his Q & A with Senate Democrats to reiterate that it’s important to tune out the running political commentary on cable networks and in the blogosphere.

“Do you know what I think would actually make a difference…. If everybody here — excuse all the members of the press who are here — if everybody turned off your CNN, your Fox, just turn off the TV, MSNBC, blogs, and just go talk to folks out there, instead of being in this echo chamber where the topic is constantly politics.

Now you and I both know that he was speaking to the American people as well. He has said the same thing numerous times, usually only mentioning Fox though. Dudes losing it.

I will say this though. I have turned Fox off. At 5:00 PM and at 8:00 PM. I now have an effigy of Glenn Beck hanging from my backyard Kenyan Keebler tree that he grew to mock the Constitutionalists with, and I have always considered Bill O’Riley to be a pussy in pants. He’s “no spin” my ass. He’s a softball thrower with no stones in his sack. bah

Pearls from Bill:

“What Mr. Obama should be concerned about is the growing acceptance of lies by some Americans on both the left and the right. For example, by investigating the birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers in August of 1961, “The Factor” has proven that Barack Obama was indeed born in America. It would have been impossible for anyone to get bogus birth announcements into two newspapers. And why would anyone bother unless they knew baby Barack would someday become President Barack? The birther deal is just madness.”

YES MADNESS!!  Bwwahahahah!

What Americans should be and, well frankly, are concerned about, is the already established habit assholes  like O’Riley have of belittling millions of Americans-the very same people that watch Fox news.

Did Billy look at, and handle these newspaper announcements himself?  Bet not.  Prolly glanced at an online image.   And to advance this most ludicrous of all suppositions: that people believe obamas Grannie  got it into her head to conspire at the moment of obamas birth, that she MUST plant the announcements in the paper to assure that obama would one day be the president…………

That’s pretty batshit crazy Billy.  Pretty sure Alinsky would be right proud of your snarky and disingenuous attack.

In your bid to gain obamas attention and favor you have shown yourself to be a consummate sellout.  How’s that for no-spin buddy?

Lame Cherry:
“Obama has now even been sucked into this in he was at the National Prayer Breakfast and started bringing up his religion (he has no Church) which conjures of Jeremiah Wright’s hatred and racism and then Obama linked this all to his birth certificate in his citizenship.”

Lame Cherry refers to this comment by obama:

(at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, this morning:)

“You can question my policies without questioning my faith — or for that fact, my citizenship“!

“Some have thought this political strategy, but ask yourself if Obama said, “Hey folks, I did not have sex with my daughters Queenie and Sloven last night”, would Americans be thinking, “Obama is a good dad”, or would they correctly be repeating, “What the hell is he talking about having sex with his kids for like a Letterman pedophile?”
It is the old “do you beat your wife joke”, in “When did you stop beating your wife?”, in classic Groucho routine. Obama has done the political wrong of bringing up a subject no one was thinking on in his group, and now made it a national buzz word.”

“This is the power of Americans speaking in bringing up Obama said he was British by birth, but it expired (like that can ever expire), and Obama is in mental meltdown over this in he now is linking his fraud religion to his fraud citizenship.”



~ by ladysforest on February 4, 2010.

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