Natural Born Integrity

Time for a little sharing.  Ah yes, the opinions get a days outing.

First off, remember that I am not a writer.  I am not a great thinker, nor a scholar.  I am a Main Street Mom.

And so my whole life was contained in a little bitty space.  I didn’t trouble myself to think outside of it because it was all so boring.  And complicated.

Now that I have been shocked into feeling that I needed to pay attention and learn about these things, I have found some strange dividends are being paid to me.

What shocked me into emerging from my apathy?  Couple of things.  The shield between myself and the outside world got whacked and when I looked past it I found some things that made me curious, then pissed.

My eldest boy won’t speak to me anymore.  Politics ya know. This is NOT one of those aforementioned dividends.

He’s sure I am a complete idiot because I got outraged that our politicians never checked out obamas birth certificate issue, but glossed over it, suppressed it and rammed this fellow down our throats.  No offense, but there was no way that McCain would EVER have won against anyone and that was the point of making sure that he was run.  And they thought Sarah would have been the final nail, thereby making obama a slam dunk.  OK, they got that part wrong, which is why they went cuckoo bashing the sh*t out of her.

So, when I first heard about this whole birth certificate thing I thought it was bullcrap.  I thought that there was no way in hell all of our exalted politicians who only had our best interest at heart would ever allow such a thing to get past them.

I was wrong.  When I looked into it I got pissed.  I mean this is a big damn deal people….EVERY SINGLE person that runs for the presidency of this United States should be COMPELLED to produce their original long form birth certificate and have it verified by a controlling legal authority.  Everyone, not just this obama guy.  I assumed that this was always done.   They made an ass out of “u” and me.  Sho nuff puddin’ pie.

Now look, I’ve said this lots and I’ll repeat it.  I don’t go into all of that “Kenyan” birth stuff.  I don’t knock those that do, I do think it detracts from the real glaring giant goober hanging from the collective noses of those put into office to serve our best interests.  Those bastards sold us out.  WAAYYY worse than the Corn Husker crap and the Louisiana Purchase.

They put a British dude in the White House.  Yep, he is half British and the other half American.  But we ALL know this, even those in love with him know this and now freely admit it.  Followed by….get ready children…” SO WHAT?”

So what if a British/American hybrid is the President of this country.  Who cares?  Why does it matter.

To start.  Integrity.  To willfully and knowingly break the law and place on the ballot a person who is Constitutionally ineligible – by the requirements of the very Constitution  that same person swore to uphold – is indefensible.  There will never be a reason that is compelling enough or good enough to defend that action.

Corruption made this man a President.

So on his show tonight Glen Beck made some reference to “birthers” and them thinking obama was born in Kenya under the Keebler Elves tree or something.  Hey Beck, why don’t you shove that Keebler tree up yours buddy?

That’s corruption for you folks.  Even the guys that are supposed to be on “your side” ridicule and redirect the focus from the true issue.  He doesn’t want to talk about the natural born citizen issue because he knows damn well what it is, so he ridicules the people with the Kenyan Keebler tree .  If he makes ’em all silly looking, they’ll quit pestering him to put his neck on the line for them.  He’s steering clear and laying the boundaries and will Alinsky (tactics from Rules for Radicals rule number 5)  the shit out of his audience to stay on the air.  Heard anything much from Lou Dobbs lately folks?

My dividend?  Self reliance in arriving at my own conclusions.  I control what I feel-it is not done for me.  I will not be shamed or silenced, I will learn what there is to learn and I will not be dissuaded by ridicule.

Here, I swiped this from The Right Side of Life.  It was written by “Sallyven”:

“There are many “birthers” who aren’t even questioning whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii, and don’t care whether the long-form certificate is released or not.

There is no “conspiracy” theory, rather they are “originalists” or “Constitutionalists” in that they believe that the “natural born citizen” clause of Article 2 of the Constitution means a pure, naturally-attained citizenship, which would preclude dual citizenship.

Obama’s father was not an immigrant. He was never a US citizen. He was Kenyan and a British citizen, and Obama’s own Fight the Smears campaign website admitted that Obama junior was also a British citizen when he was born. He did not have “pure US Citizenship” at birth.

Without even going into the various documents and cases that support a definition of “natural born citizen” ( ED: find these cases in my page to the right titled “Four Supreme Court Cases Can’t Be Wrong) meaning born in the country to US citizen parents, it would be hard to imagine that the founding fathers would ever have thought that a British citizen (other than themselves, who actually fought in the Revolution, and were “grandfathered” in the clause in Article 2) would ever be allowed to hold the title of Commander in Chief.”

“To label these “birthers” as extremists is quite a stretch. Personally, I would consider those who desire to closely follow the Constitution, “patriots.””

Go ‘long with your bad self Sallyven.  That is well expressed.

Listen, It is what it is-we weren’t supposed to have to worry about having a President with ties and interests in any country other than THIS country.

He should have singular and sole allegiance and citizenship at birth to the USA as is required per the Constitution per the intent of our founders and the meaning of the term “natural born citizen” to Constitutional standards.

Another reason my son won’t talk to me?  Because my political opinions are different than his.   He gets positively furious when I disagree with him on a political topic.  He thinks I was a white racist for attending the 9/12 Great March in DC.  I didn’t influence him to be an intolerant person.  But we have become like the families divided by the Civil War.

This is not just about if I think we should be in Afganistan, or if we are being taxed unfairly.  Not the usual topics people find themselves on the opposite sides of.  This is more insidious.

This goes to the heart of who you are, or think you are, and divides people.  This forces people to fight instead of disagree.

I’ve been to Gettysburg and seen the beautiful, sad statues one after the other lining the drive through the fields, I’ve been to Fort Sumpter and seen the remains of the Fort and the  scars left by artillery.  I’ve been to Savannah and heard sounds that no one else in my group heard, horrible wailing sounds.  I had never heard such a thing in my life before or since.

Those are the results of a nation and a people that could no longer debate and disagree.  They destroy each other.  Family fought family, friend fought friend.

We are being manipulated into opposing corners.  We are being pulled apart and required to take “sides”.  I know this ugly thing that is growing because it has already affected the relationship between myself and my boy.  Hell, I didn’t even give him a hard time about his position, I just wanted him to understand why I had my own.

People are afraid to speak openly now.  I have never known that in my entire life.  When did this become the American way?

Another dividend?  I began to interact with people outside of my comfort zone.  I began to let things make me uncomfortable and to learn about what is happening in the world.  I began to THINK again damnit!

It is uncomfortable to learn and to think when one has been what I’ve been.  It takes a lot of time and I don’t like what I am finding has been going on while I’ve kept myself insulated.

I have much work to do.

Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government

Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests…

George Washington


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