Presenting…The Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement

LINK TO THE RESEARCH I DID INTO THE OBAMA NEWSPAPER BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS – COLLECTED COPIES FROM THREE LIBRARIES AND DID COMPARISONS – Exposed the lies behind the accounts of the first “discoveries” of the obama newspaper birth announcements.

01/14/10 Update:

Obama Conspiracy ^ | Jan. 9, 2010 | Dr. Conspiracy

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010 7:25:15 PM by curiosity

“Inspector” Lucas Smith claimed in comments on YouTube to have examined all newspaper birth announcements from August through December of 1961, not finding the birth announcement of the Nordyke twins (born at the same hospital as President Obama, one day later). Whether not finding was through oversight or fraud, the birth announcement is there in the newspaper on August 16 (Obama’s announcement was on August 13).”  SNIP

Now listen people, I will say it again, there were accounts of people looking in the editions preceding and following the ones that obamas were in, BUT THAT THE TWINS ANNOUNCEMENT WAS NOT THERE.  That was back at the time when obamas annoucement was discovered.   Those accounts have been scrubbed from the internet prior to this being found.  I have left out a few particulars regarding the discovery, but Inspector Smith did CONFIRM that this was in the same copy he inspected three days after it was posted on this blog.

This post is NOT about the COLB, long form birth certificate, or the numbering sequence of the Nordyke twins and obamas birth certificates/Colb.  It is not an attempt to draw a conclusion that the Nordyke twins birth announcement in the newspaper lends any additional weight to the **proof** offered by Factcheck/ect. about obamas birth circumstances.

An obama born in the USA would be, and most certainly was, a dual citizen.  His father was never, at any time an American.

Why is this important?

To date the only pieces of “proof” that have been offered to establish/support obama’s  claim of being eligible to be  President of this United States is a, *cough*, COLB,  then mid-way thru 2008 a couple of newspaper birth announcements from the local Hawaii papers were offered up as additional “proof”.

Thing is that since then, until now…this minute… the Nordyke twins, born hours after obama, had no newspaper announcements of their own.

Investigators had “looked through” all of the editions and found no Nordyke twins mentioned.  It is interesting, in that it is of course very unlikely, that this birth notice would have been completely overlooked until now.

The question that I have is this:  Since this announcement has (many times) been a topic of discussion because obamas was in the paper and the Nordyke twins was mysteriously NOT there-why has it taken better than a year for anyone to suggest that the next edition of the papers be examined for the announcement?   Come on.  I have seen numerous mention that the archives for several weeks before and after the obama announcements appeared were scrutinized – but that the twins were not listed.   Really funny thing is that now NO account of the investigations into the newspaper archives appears on any of the search engines.  But the mysterious Nordyke twins announcements suddenly turn up? Only one reference, that in WND, and only in passing-no detail.  So.  Whats the real deal folks?

Found this little comment on an old thread,  thought provoking.

“Who would have really done the remembering is MR. Nordyke and Obama, Sr. That’s what men did back then, mill around in the halls and waiting rooms. They only entered the birth room when a nurse or relative dragged them in.

Twins are a big deal: everybody shows up to witness. There should have been a lot of flashbulbs on the nursery over Aug 5-9.

Back then, you and the baby were hospitalized for a solid week.”


The twins are on the bottom, on the left. Check out additional related stuff on the page to the right titled “Thing That Makes You Go Humm”

~ by ladysforest on January 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “Presenting…The Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement”

  1. The suggestion that the announcement would be found a week later was made at least as long ago as July 2009 when the theory was being tossed around on the Free republic forum.

    To: [redacted]

    it was either .2 or .3 % of all Hawaiian births in 1961 were not in a hospital-Alaska had 9.5% I think…

    I suspect the nordyke twins announcement was in the following weeks paper due to the weekend..anyone in Hawaii care to go to the State Library or in DC to the Library of Congress? ? Also check for Marriage Application announcements before February 3, 1961 for Stanley Ann and Barack Obama SR…..

    153 posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 5:26:59 PM;page=151

    ED. At the time I posted (Dec.28) about the mention of a suggestion to look in the next edition, I had only seen the one comment.
    Between posting that and the newer post, containing the image of the paper, I did continue to search, finding perhaps a total of four, the most recent being Dec. 19, 09.

  2. Great job!

    Always wondered why WND never asked Mrs Nordyke for a copy when they got a copy of the twins actual birth certificate.

    ED: A lot of us wonder why WND does/doesn’t do certain things!!

  3. Hi Ladysforest: one of my readers found the information you were looking for…I see you already have it…so consider this confirmation! It is from Katie in a comment:

  4. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    Robert Shumake Paul Nicoletti

  5. […] […]

  6. Ladysforest: Were these announcements put there by citizens, or by the DOH? Or both? Are any other listings for “twins” that appear like in the Nordyke listing?

    • I have no proof as to how it was done in HI at that time. I know that when I had my children I was asked before I left the hospital if we wanted the announcement in the paper. Like most parents we said “yes”, and the aide checked a form. Could it have been called in? Probably. I know they can be called in now-a-days. I believe that most of these were generated from the DoH as the BC info was being entered and filed. If the form from the hospital had the box checked – the info went to the paper. Remember that a woman was in the maternity department five to seven days back then. I very strongly believe that the birth info, for children born in a hospital, was not sent until the mother was discharged. I recall that I had to sign the babies papers AT discharge. Home birth filing would almost certainly be given the option to have the announcement in the paper.
      This was likely because of the possibility of infant mortality. A deceased infants death certificate had to be received by the DoH within two days (or it may be three), and so the DC info and the BC info would likely have been sent together.
      I do seem to recall twins listed as “twin sons” and “twin daughters”. I won’t have the time for a few days to study the copies to confirm. You may need to remind me. 🙂

  7. Respect for writing another guide that’s well constructed. Five stars!

  8. I think attention should be drawn to the scratches seen in the images, in particular, the diagonal scratches. Logically they would be next to impossible, but if they were possible, they would only appear in a very few number of frames, -NOT in multiple appearances within one frame as seen. Since there is no conceivable form of movement of a thick film moving laterally that would generate a diagonal scratch, one must look to an alternate explanation, and there is only one that I can conceive of. It would be the application of a scratched transparency on top of a pristine newly printed and counterfeited copy, -done for the purpose of giving its totally unscratched appearance a look of age and usage.

    That can be done digitally with video. Often video that is not brand new will be run through a filter that adds the look of an old scratched and dirty 8mm home movie. It gives it the important look of something valuable, something treasured and archived for posterity.
    If it can be done for video running hundreds or thousands of frames, it can sure as heck be done for a single frame of microfilm.
    See my exposition on the birth announcements at XXX

    • Uh – aren’t you the one that wrote a whole “new” conspiracy post using proprietary information/research which I had developed several years ago on this very blog? And didn’t you almost barely mention that you found some of the basis for your theory in the material I had researched and developed and posted on this very blog? And didn’t I mention on this very blog, several years ago, that the pattern of scratches was unusual because the micro films slide between two glass plates, and were otherwise stationary?

      Why yes, yes I did mention that. As well as a lot of the other things you mentioned as though you had not read them over here at this very blog – except for that tiny little offhanded mention you made of me.

      I do not care to have my work swiped, nor twisted around in a theory which has no merit. I do not support conspiracys, nor do I suffer people taking my work and pretending it is theirs.

      I will nicely ask you to back off. Copyright laws do apply, ask yourself if you want to get involved in all that.

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