UPDATE: 01/01/2001-John Charlton found a more affordable option/please do what you can to assist.  Thank You.

Urgent Appeal to readers of The Post & Email


by John Charlton, Editor & Founder

UPDATE:  Jan 1, 2010 — 10 AM ET: After scouring the globe, I have found 4 companies to seek quotes from.  As they all seem will come in at less than $300 per month, without the requirement that I have a technically proficient webmaster on call, I have revised downward the amount needed to move The Post & Email to a company which won’t harass us for our political views.  My initial estimate of $10,000 was based on bad advice, from a pro-Obama salesman.  The current donations received from this appeal stand at $510 via paypal (yet as unknown by surfacemail) and a potential pledge of $1200 in future support.  There are advertisers standing by to place adds worth $750 if the campaign is successful in saving The Post & Email, so with a little bit more help from our friends, I think we will survive this crisis.  Please be generous.

One thing I have learned from all of this is that according to the Patriot Act, all personal information on any website in the USA is accessible by the Federal Government 24/7, without any notice being given regarding search or siezure.  For that reason I believe as editor, that The Post & Email will server its readers better with a server outside of the country, even if as a U.S. Citizen I feel deeply in promoting jobs in America.



Urgent Appeal to readers of The Post & Email


by John Charlton, Editor & Founder

This was to be the official Logo of the Petition Campaign

(Dec. 31, 2009) — Earlier this week, I put out for public debate a copy of the Petition to the Hawaii Government, demanding the release of Obama’s Vital records.

My mistake was that I assumed the United States of America is still a free country.  I have learned it is not.

The reason I say that is this:  the news that The Post & Email was about to start this Petition Campaign has gotten all the companies providing The Post & Email  Internet services, scared silly, and no American company wants to work with us.

Thus in response to the text, The Post & Email was Alinskied.  Whether these companies were threatened or not, by some actual intervention, or whether their reaction is merely a response to their perceptions of the current political environment, under the Obamacare bill, is immaterial. The result is the same.

Basically, for The Post & Email to continue to exist, the site must be moved to a high-end professional, internet security environment, outside of the United States, where a full time technical person will have to be payed $100+ hour to maintain it, and be on call 24/7.

Failing that, The Post & Email will have to cease publication in about 1 week.  Two of the largest Internet hosting companies in the USA have basically shown us that they are willing to shut us down on notice; I am only able to write this appeal, after 5 hours of pleading with one of them to allow me access to The Post & Email again (after 27 hours of being shut out of the site).

So to continue to exercise our free speech we need to go overseas, and pay for high end security against hackers, and put this all on a dedicated server.

Presently The Post & Email does not have a budget for that.  It would exceed even the revenue we hope to raise from our monthly advertising, which was meant to reimburse writers for the consignment of the copyright of their articles and pay for normal operating expenses.

Our Current donations stand at approx. $800, Legal Fund donations at approx. $700, and there is  about $500 in advertising revenue from last month; for an approximate total of $2,000.  The Post & Email has yet to pay for incorporation

However, if readers can come up with $10,000 or so in donations in the next week, we could continue.  The $10,000 figure is to pay a 1 year Internet hosting contract with technical support for a highly protected, dedicated server, overseas.  Since such services must be contracted on a yearly basis, The Post & Email has to have the funds upfront, and retain a technical support person to be on call 24/7.

Donations can be made electronically through our donation page, “Make a Donation”, on our top navigation bar.

Funds must be raised by Jan 6th, 2010.

The Petition Campaign cannot begin before this move, because the names and addresses of those signing the petition can basically be erased at whim by an American company so pressured.  And I believe that it would not be ethical to begin such a campaign without the security necessary to ensure that what The Post & Email promises to deliver, we do actually deliver.

ED: At the risk of offending my listeners….does anyone in this country have a fuc*ing pair of balls anymore??

We are being denied freedom of SPEECH!  We are being denied true and proper answers about our very own president!

We are being denied our RIGHTS!  John is being denied his rights.

Every one of you ought to be feeling the cold sweat popping out on your brow right this minute.  And every last one of you had better decide which side of the fence you stand on right now.

As for me, I AM AN AMERICAN.  I want to retain all that stands for and should always be.

Got pitchforks?  I mean it.  The time to be very intolerant and very resistant is right now.

We need to get this shit right, and right now – or this United States will slip out of our hands and we won’t get a do over.

People of this country need to unite.  Not just a bunch of random parties and groups, but a real coalition.
These are ugly times listeners.

~ by ladysforest on December 31, 2009.


  1. Greetings Lady Forest,

    I stumbled upon your outstanding website and decided to leave a copy of an exceptional 2009 special edition opinion piece about *Barack Obama and The Pink Panthers*



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