Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement Found?


From “Citizen Investigator”:

Dec 28,2009

“The mystery of the missing Nordyke birth announcement is apparently solved. I just got a notice from interlibrary loan that the Hawaii State librarian found their announcement in the Aug 16, 1961 Honolulu Advertiser. She’s making me a copy.”

ED. I’ve been bouncing about the internet looking for confirmation that this info has already been released and is widely know.

The ONLY reference that I found was by one obot that very recently posted a comment on a blog about the topic  that “maybe it was in the following weeks announcements”.

Anyone out there have anything on this to offer??  Please leave in comments.

The question that I have is this:  Since this announcement has (many times) been a topic of discussion because obamas was in the paper and the Nordyke twins was mysteriously NOT there-why has it taken better than a year for anyone to suggest that the next edition of the papers be examined for the announcement?   Come on.  I have seen numerous mention that the archives for several weeks before and after the obama announcements appeared were scrutinized – but that the twins were not listed.  So.  Whats the real deal folks?

Found this little comment on an old thread,  thought provoking.

“Who would have really done the remembering is MR. Nordyke and Obama, Sr. That’s what men did back then, mill around in the halls and waiting rooms. They only entered the birth room when a nurse or relative dragged them in.

Twins are a big deal: everybody shows up to witness. There should have been a lot of flashbulbs on the nursery over Aug 5-9.

Back then, you and the baby were hospitalized for a solid week.”



~ by ladysforest on December 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement Found?”

  1. Elly Nordyke is alive in Hawaii
    Old classic Manoa House great view.
    Go visit her, she would love the company.
    Don’t bring wine she has a heart condition.but expect to stay for the afternoon.
    She will talk about the birth, her children, whatever until you are bored to tears.
    She was a university researcher her mind is still sharp.
    Put up or shut up and you get a Hawaii vacation

  2. Not too sure what “David” is on about here. What’s with the hostile “put up or shut up” thingy?

    The announcement is posted on this blog under “Presenting the Nordyke Twins Birth Announcement”-in the January archive.

    Why would anyone bother to visit with her if she doesn’t recall meeting o’s mama? She assumed that o was born at the same hospital, but there has been no proof.

  3. […] Asing, who appeared in the same birth announcement as Mr. Obama. I also looked for and located the Nordyke twins, and I randomly looked for a couple of other names just to get a sense of what I was looking […]

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