The Passport of Mystery

So, at the  moment I’m in bed sick as hell.  May be the flu, may be just a bad cold-but it’s a big damn drag regardless.  So, I stuck the laptop on a pillow and here I am.

I decided to scoot around looking for stuff I’ve overlooked during the busy Christmas season, and I’ve landed on a You Tube recording of Leo Donofrio on Plains Radio from back in August.

Leo was speaking of the importance of knowing what passports obama, the puff puppet (my own term for the usurper) has held.  He correctly points out that while birth certificates and school grades, ect. are actually somewhat private in nature, the issuing country of obamas FIRST and ORIGINAL passport itself is not.   My own point of view  is that a sitting President of this United States must necessarily be willing to be scrutinized and should be of a character to withstand that scrutiny.

But lets say he is not.  Lets say that he is a rotten sneaky bastard that has, with the aiding and abetting of people in the highest and most powerful positions in the world, created a firewall to hide his real past behind.

Lets admit that every time a decent citizen asks a reasonable question about this sneaky rotten bastard, they are accused of advancing a conspiracy theory.  So, we don’t in fact really need to see obamas birth certificate, or his school grades.  The real original passport/passports would do nicely.  No conspiracy theory to see folks, move along.  What country issued it?  Hummm?  The other not really so very personal thing which should be revealed is, of course if our puff puppet president attended Occidental Collage as a foreign student.  A request for a light to be shined on the darkness that surrounds this peacock is not a conspiracy in any way.  His refusal to be forthcoming most certainly does speak of a serious conspiracy.

“Did obama ever hold a passport issued from a nation other than the USA?  I want to know.  Why are we not allowed to know this?  What passports has our president held.  If we can’t know that, what the hell is going on?  Why can’t we get an answer to that?”  These are some of the things Leo said.  I say the same, why can’t we get an answer to that?

Listen, I’ve always thought that obama claimed his original passport was stolen.  I’ve been scooting around the internet for a couple of hours looking for that quote or claim, and I’ve come up empty handed.

Nothing to see folks, move along.


~ by ladysforest on December 28, 2009.

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