Today…I Became A Woman

Yes listeners, today, for the first time I cooked in the fireplace and in a dutch oven.  And I cooked venison.  That’s hard core old school, yes?  Now I know why this style of cooking has fallen from favor.  It is hot as hell.  Perhaps hotter.  If Gore wasn’t distracted in trying to distract people all over the world with his lies about Global Warming-he’d a been over here a-hollering at me for melting the world by making my stew.

Somehow or the other the earth is “warming” at an alarming rate.  And from what I can figure from all of the stuff I hear, the large but poor countries want the large rich countries (like the USA for example) to huddle their citizens together under one blanket while simultaneously chucking all of the (used to be) wealth of our country to the poor countries who are already producing tons more global warming junk and goop than are we.  Meanwhile we all have to swear that we will continue to limit without limits how much crap and warmth we allow to escape into this world from our criminal selfishness.

Now, one would think that the poor countries would say to us, “we promise to be cool, and try to develop in green ways so that you aren’t  forcing your citizenry to descend to third word levels while trying to  lower the emissions from your rich country.     Meanwhile, we’ll consider letting some of our middle class citizens have a bit of safe water piped in.

So get this, those poor countries not only are not offering to be decent and grow in a greenly conservative way, but if I have this right, they want us to cut waayyy back on emissions so they can amp the living hell out of theirs. Ahem, in order so that the millions that live there without power and running water and autos, ect. can have a bit of a shot at getting some of that before they die from the exposure.  Oh, wait–they want the rich countries to pay a lot of money to them as well so that they can develop very quickly … in a non-green fashion?  Maybe it’s the whole guilt thing all over again.  White people are guilty by being white, fat people are guilty by being fat, black people are presumed guilty by being black…..and the rich are to blame for it all.  So if we give all of our money away to the poor countries we square ourselves for being inconsiderate, and we have no money left to buy energy wasting toys, and have to wear real wool socks and shit to stay warm because we won’t be able to afford to eat and heat our government issued homes.

My Pop is a legal immigrant-from Hungary.  He told a story last Easter dinner about how before he fled the old country times were hard.  Every year they were issued one new pair of rubber work boots, and that was the only footwear they owned.  I was goofing around about it and asked, “did you at least have socks?”  Now listen, I mean what I’m about to say here….I expected a whole different answer from my Dad.  I did not expect to hear him say, and with laughter in his voice, “No, we didn’t have socks.  We would take old rags, newspaper sometimes, and wrap it around our toes.”  So, I asked him how that worked out.  He said, ” It was fu**ing miswerable, they bunched up in the toe after you take few steps.”  The thought of how truly, genuinely “miswerable” that would be is something I contemplate  sometimes.  These people were forced by their government to exist and suffer that way.

I don’t want that.  Do you?  I’ll tell more of his stories in the future, God willing.

By the way.  My stew was damn near decadent.  Had some home made bread too,with a dark crust and real good old school fat yummy butter all over it.  AH!  Today I feel that I earned the meal I ate.  Today the people from old earned more respect from me-I hope I can continue to learn what hard work will earn for me.  Soul satisfaction is lovely.

Get yours.


~ by ladysforest on December 16, 2009.

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