Attacked And Killed By A Student

A few hours ago I got a text from my son that an elderly Professor at the University he attends was stabbed and had died.  He was stabbed while in the building where my son attends several classes, but my son was not there at the time this terrible murder took place.  Thank you God!

I text-ed my Husband about it and he sends back, “Yes, I heard.  It was a Muslim student that stabbed him.”  I asked how he knew, ” My co-workers wife works there, she told him.”

Now, bear in mind that I did not confirm this for myself yet(Ed. update-I think it’s safe to say the murderer is a Muslim now, see bottom of post) because they are being close about the murder right now, but if this lady called it that way, she is likely right as I know her position there at the University.

This is from the local papers website:

It’s kind of scary because it’s so close,” said Jacqui Boroda, 21, a BU senior. She works at Jazzmans, a coffee house in BU’s Academic Building B, which is next to Science I. She said her boss saw the police heading into the building with guns drawn.

Professors and students said the mood in the building was one of shock and fear.

“It’s scary as hell,” said Peter Knuepfer, an associate professor of geological sciences who works in Science I. “It’s another one of those things like the downtown shooting (at the American Civic Association, where 13 people were fatally shot in April).

“You think it happens somewhere else, but it happens here too.”

Antoun, who had lived on Murray Hill Road for a number of years, is a published author who has written several books. He published the book Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Movements

A BU biography of Antoun shows that he received a doctorate from Harvard University in Massachusetts in 1963. The bio describes Antoun as an emeritus professor who is a, “sociocultural anthropologist (snip)

His scholarly interests center on comparative religion and symbolic systems, the social organization of tradition in Islamic law and ethics, the sociology of dispute with respect to tribal law in the Middle East, local-level politics, and the impact of transnational migration on education, work, and cultural change.”

I’m guessing somebody got offended.


Unanswered questions, indeed.

In “open society” America, why don’t we know the name of the alleged killer in police custody?

There can be only one reason: He’s a member of a politically-correct (PC) protected group. BU is an extremely PC school. So, while we wait for the truth, BU buys some secrecy time so it can spin its web of excuses for this piece-of-trash excuse for a human. BU will blame the oppressive “system” rather than allow focus on personal responsibility/individual accountability. How PC!

At BU, personal responsibility and individual accountability are considered “punitive terms” according to faculty and administration. The exception to this PC dogma would apply to any European-American-blooded product of Judeo-Christian culture. If that were the case, we’d know his name, his photo, and he’d be on nationwide main-stream-media TV by now.

Political correctness is a mental disorder killing our culture one iota (e.g., this poor retired professor) at a time.
12/4/2009 11:07:38 PM

Ed. As of 11:15AM on 12/05/09, the name of the murderer has not yet been released, nor has he been charged.

PS: It was stated on the local news broadcast that when the “suspect” was asked if he stabbed the Professor, he said, “Yes”.


Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani, 46, of Binghamton has been charged with the murder of Binghamton University Professor Richard Antoun Photo provided

SO-Not as young as I had thought he would be.  A grad student.

From our local papers website:

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani has been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Binghamton University Professor Richard T. Antoun.

Devin Sheppard, a BU student, said she heard from students who were in the Science Building that campus police had tackled the assailant.

“The police asked the grad student, ‘Did you just stab him?’ and he said yes,” Sheppard said.

Antoun was rushed from the building on a stretcher and placed in a Harpur’s Ferry ambulance parked on a walkway outside the building.

BU President Lois DeFleur condemned the slaying as “an act of senseless violence.”

And this gem:

I don’t think it’s much of a question.


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2 Responses to “Attacked And Killed By A Student”

  1. Thank you for this article. I’m terribly sorry for the Professor and his family. I have NOTHING for the killer.

    • It was very shocking. The University told the students not to attach any particular significance to motive-as there was no indication why the murderer chose to act.
      The killer looks very smug in his mug shot.

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