America the Inconsequential

The definition  of the word inconsequential straight from the dictionary:

1. of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial.
2. inconsequent; illogical.
3. irrelevant.


I’ll bet no other country will seriously ally with us now.  The obama dithering gave a signal that we are unreliable as hell. You can’t count on those stupid Americans, their president cannot even make a decision after many months. Ahhahaha, the weak Americans. Come, the French will stand with us! Even thought they have historically been cowards, they are better than those childish Americans. In fact, France could probably occupy and overthrow America hahahahah!

Russia is ignoring us. Russia is erasing us. Russia has declared us inconsequential. But Chavez loves us. He is rubbing his nasty blood covered hands together and chortling mightily. He knows that obama wants him as a bedfellow in the worst way. And a mo****fuc*er like Chavez knows weakness when he sees it. The very LAST thing that would please Chavez is a strong obama. Do you think for one moment that everyone’s favorite human, Kadaffi,  loved his suntanned son because obama is devoted to keeping America safe and SOVEREIGN? Hellll no.

So, obama the puff puppet finally gets around to delivering his Master’s battle plan.  You see, don’t you, that something HAD to be done?  Ya can’t just let an active war hang fire forever (though they tried).  He must occasionally pretend that he is paying attention to what those pesky American citizens are demanding he pay attention to.

Even I, who develops a headache when trying to play a game of chess, know a thing or one about it.  If you act weak, you will be laughed at and then devoured.  Simple.  obama has already been devoured children, all that remains of him is the pod person that is controlled by his Master.  And sometimes that Swamp Thing commonly referred to as his wife.  Yuck.  But I digress.

Think of this world like a big ole prison complex.  Ya got your sections where the not so bad inmates reside (Americia, Canada,lots of Europe, ect.) and you gots your max security, including the “box” and solitary confinement, (like N. Korea, some of the Middle East, anyplace  Chevez and Kadaffi are, ect.).

Now, as everyone who has been to, or heard about jail knows, you can’t be seen as a candyass or someone will own your ass.  Fast.  You won’t see it coming either-but all of the other inmates were expecting it and laughing behind their hands in anticipation.  You just became the jail pass around sex toy.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll get the living shit kicked out of you whenever anyone is in a bad mood, and they will steal your new shower shoes to boot!  (I was going to say cigarettes, but they don’t let inmates smoke anymore).

You’ve got to be strong or tough or a badass right out of the gate.  You cannot stroll in and talk your way through (hopefully) four years in the toughest theater you could find yourself in.  It will not work.  Puffy words don’t command respect amongst the inmates.

The guy with the most respect is not bowing to every man jack in the prison yard.

We want us some more of this:

‘Cause this young MAN was being tough while relaxing in a chair, chillin-his commitment was there for all to see.



Bow you Bastard! Bow.  For now we will accept this much, but inevitably we will enslave “your” country.


~ by ladysforest on December 4, 2009.

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