Oh No He Dinn’t!


This is the last straw!

Can someone please take the whitehouse people off to the side and explain that you just don’t bump Charlie Brown.  Ever. Well, except for a national emergency.  But other than that, The Charles does not take a back seat for ANYBODY.

Why couldn’t obama schedule for a different time or night?  Because he hates the traditional American Christmas, that’s why!  And brothers and sisters, that means good ole Chuck.

Did we already forget how the children out in that town somewhere that now escapes my mind, were instructed that the ornaments that they constructed for a Christmas tree in DC could not have any religious significance what so ever?  One little girl was so upset at not being able to make a manger scene that her parents managed to have the ban on Christmas ornaments that were to be placed on a Christmas “Holiday” tree lifted, and the happy children made happy CHRISTMAS ornaments.

Bah fricken humbug to the obamas!


~ by ladysforest on December 1, 2009.

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