About Hating Sarah Palin

(This is a bump as  I finally got around to finishing this. )

Actually I don’t, but it seems lots and lots and lots of people do.  They hate her with a maniacally out of proportion vehemence that is perplexing to people who don’t get what the big damn deal is.  I mean really, what is the big damn deal anyway?  If you ask a Palin hater they will sputter, stammer, gargle and yodel all about how dangerous she is for America.  But they will never tell you why.  Why, oh why?

Dangerous. Because she is like a piece of the past that has traveled forward.  She isn’t a phenomenon, she is a phantom.  They stab her over and over again and the blade passes right through.

She has some George Washington and some Ben Franklin in her.  Prob a bitty bit of Regan thrown in too.

Early yesterday afternoon, as my Husband maneuvered our sedan onto the drive into the cemetery where my Grandmothers services and burial were to be, I heard a radio talk show host ask a caller, “why does S. Palin make you so afraid?”, or something along those lines.  The caller went all ’round the mulberry bush without actually giving an answer.  The host “re”- asked the question about five or six times and still the caller did not give a direct answer once.  It was then that I realized that whenever any “anti” Palin person is asked why they don’t like/object to/are afraid of/ about Palin, THEY NEVER CAN ARTICULATE WHAT IT IS THAT REALLY GETS TO THEM about this one person, this one woman.

They can’t bear knowing that she is just what she seems to be.  How appallingly un-natural it is to be uncomplicated and genuine.  God help her if she ever starts to parse words.  Don’t do it Sarah, don’t do it!  Learn the foreign diplomacy, ect…..but don’t learn to be a Feckin Sellout!  Diplomacy and tact are always correct and necessary, we all know that.  But contrary to what we see with nearly all of our politicians it is my position that it is not necessary to become utterly artificial, vapid, vainglorious, contemptuous, imperious, and just plain nasty to behold.

When they look at Sarah they become mighty uncomfortable.  It is like a little child in church who just the day before stole some candy .  He felt badly afterward, but smugly thought he had done a fine job with his stealing and need not fear discovery.  Besides, the store had lots and he had none!  Then the sermon begins and the child starts to squirm, it seems the Preacher is speaking directly to him and about him.  His discomfort increases, and he unnaturally begins to be angry with the Preacher for ratting him out to God.  Then the spirit begins to work in him and he begins to see the weakness within himself and this in turn caused a great conflict difficult for the little child to grasp.  So now the child turns petulant and begins to think of ways to get even with the Preacher for the perceived injury at being outed.  The child knows that this is not the direction his spirit wants to go in, but the child refuses to take responsibility.  He blames the Preacher.

When liberals are faced with Sarah they do some internal squirming.  Just to hear her speak frankly pisses them off.

They are outed to themselves and that is why they can’t bear her.

They must look at the traitor in themselves and face head on that the shit they promote, all this kombyya craziness is exactly the opposite of what they would have themselves believe.  Instead of being generous, instead of sharing, it is in fact the most selfish, self aggrandizing platform to ascend to.  It is un-American in the extreme.

Real people don’t want handouts.

They want to be strong and capable and unapologetic….like Sarah Palin.

Liberals are terrified.  Especially the three or four capable of introspection.

When they face her they face the fact that they are a lie in that they do not promote what is best for our country, but rather what is best to make them feel all good and superior.  And they see in a flash that they are the worst kind of traitor in that they will sell our birthright, this United States of America for a frecking handful of magic beans that grow feel good socialist government controlled hell programs to stuff all of the formerly free Citizens into, and strip us all of the freedom that is the thing which is our spirit and our lifeblood.

They suck and they know it when they face Sarah.


~ by ladysforest on December 1, 2009.

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