Mr. Leo Donofrio Has Bailed(closed his blog)

Ed. Update: I want to make it clear that although I am thoroughly miffed at Leo, I do still fully support his ongoing work.  I will not edit the wording of my post (posted yesterday) because although I have cooled off, that post was my honest reaction, and honesty is how I roll.


So, our “friend” Leo has decided to thumb his nose at all of the followers and contributors to his blog.  Just a little burp of a post remains about his intent to fade to black.

“Emotional pleas do not sway federal courts.  Only the cold hard force of legal will does.

Patience.  Attention to detail.  Strategy.  Planning.  Honesty.  Integrity. Respect for the law.  Respect for the process.  Thorough research.  And most important – genuine injuries different than those suffered by the public at large.”

NOTE: He does continue his work, but not the blog.

So Leo, why not leave the archives and comments intact so that all of the THOUSANDS of hours of research that your readers did could be accessible?  You remember, they worked on behalf of you, your blog, themselves and THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Research huh?  We did that and put it up on the blog that YOU killed yesterday.  I’m sure you have it all tucked up safely somewhere as a great deal of it was very, very good stuff.

Integrity, sure.  Like having the courtesy to inform your readers that you are about to close down the blog that THEY have contributed so much to.  Sure, you inspired – they responded – and gave you much great research, insight, and many ideas.  They also gave you a great deal of respect.

You responded with a man – sized bitch fit.

Lucky for OUR ongoing work and research, there are some well prepared people out there who thought ahead and saved the bulk of the blog.  One person in particular had great foresight and has my gratitude.

So, we shall solider on, and not quit, nor go to black and leave the readers stumbling in the murk.

Badly done Mr. Donofrio.


~ by ladysforest on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mr. Leo Donofrio Has Bailed(closed his blog)”

  1. Yes Leo has deleted all his good work. Google cache had most of his good work and guess what? I preserved some of it also.

    I to feel betrayed by Leo. I think the Quo Warranto comments by Leo could lead to exposing the fraud obama.

    Feel free to comment on Leo’s great work on my site. Comments are on and I am not like Leo, I don’t edit comments. If I think something is way out of line I would delete it.

    I wish I new of another citizen lawyer like Leo. I don’t. I wish Leo had not deleted all the work he did and other did for him.

    Some of Leo’s important work is preserved from google cache here along with some of my personal comments:

  2. Leo took the blue pill. Leo was leading the masses out of the obama matrix but for some reason took the blue pill. He excellent work is gone from his blog. I preserved some of his work on my blog for study and future reference.

    Feel free to review Leo’s good work. File a Quo Warranto if you can.

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