A Day At The Shootin’ Range

My Husband went to the range a couple of days ago, and yesterday mentions that there were “these Indian guys” there shooting an AR-15 without any sights. An AR-15 flattop he called it. He said they couldn’t hit anything with it because they were shooting this thing without any optics or open sights.  Then he mentions that their license plates are from out of state, that state line being about four hours away.

So, these two men also spoke amongst themselves in a foreign language.  They did speak to my Husband in English right before they left though, so obviously they didn’t need to speak their native language.

These two men were SHARING this gun.

I let my Husband know that  this was a thing that made me nervous.  He said, “they probably brought it brand new and just wanted to blast away with it like macho guys.”  So I sez, “Oh, were they young guy’s?”  He replied, “No, they looked to be in their mid thirties”.

So, a couple of thirty-somethings buy a AR-15, travel four hours away to a rural gun club, take turns “blasting away” with a firearm they don’t have enough sense to know needs a sight to enable the shooter to be accurate.  They speak in their native tongue while there, just two dudes SHARING one AR-15 out in the beautiful countryside just about two miles off of the highway that runs straight  up from NYC.  My husband was just this second telling me how these guys were dressed up pretty well.   Fine leather, expensive clothes….. at a rural gun club.  As I said, um….this stuff makes me nervous.  Funny thing is I read this on Lame Cherry’s blog after having that conversation with my man:

Lame Cherry, Nov.24:

“I am going to go public with some details for the expressed purpose of attempting to keep Americans like those at Fort Hood from being part of a mass murder as Obama Par Dux Terror ignites.

Mr. Aviv who worked with the Israeli Mossad predicted the London bombings of 2005 in the transit system. He currently is warning that al Qaeda will not attack using airplanes as on 9 11 as Americans will fight back, but will instead conduct implacement bombings at locations like Disney, MGM Las Vegas or international airports utilizing vehicle bombs and left baggage inside the airport terminals.

He correctly predicts it will be mass attacks in different locations, including rural areas to bring home the terror to all Americans, because if Americans are not safe in rural urban areas, they will not feel safe in any location.”


(I want to make it clear that I AM NOT anti-gun, I love to target shoot.  I am, however, anti douche-bag with a gun)


~ by ladysforest on November 25, 2009.

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