What a Dumbass

So, I’m just an old girl in a little unexciting village in a pretty part of New York. But  though I come sickeningly close to being a redneck, even I know that the person who holds the office of President of this country DOES NOT BOW! He most especially does not bow SOOOO very low. But this obama critter bows and bows all over the place to anyone and everyone who technically doesn’t even outrank him. What a douche.
Lookit, I know about jack squat when it comes to politics, but I do know that there are certain protocols that must be observed. It seems to me that if none of the other Presidents bowed to these jokers, this wobbilty excuse for a President shouldn’t either. First this dumbo bows to the Saudi King, just as natural as if that were his own King. Now he’s bowing to Japans Emperor Akihito. Listen, if you’re a gonna bow to a Japanese Emperor you need to know how to do it. While very low bows like this are a sign of great respect and deference to a superior, IT’S A SIGN OF DEFERENCE to a SUPERIOR. An American President has no business displaying inferiority to a foreign Emperor. None. A bow as deep as is the one given would be appropriate between people of equal rank. Would someone please hustle this jackass off somewhere and explain to him how to behave like a person instead of a groveling uneducated embarrassment?

Later in the day (Nov.14) I popped over to Michelle M’s website and she had a great piece up about this.  Today (Nov.15) I noticed the one she had linked to from the “Stop the ACLU” site – also excellent.  That one goes into more detail about the meaning of the bow and has the video.



~ by ladysforest on November 14, 2009.

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